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A vet who is prepared to speak 

out against the use of 1080, is 

Dr Howard Ralph BVSc (Hons). 

MBBS (Hons), MVS (Wildlife Medi-

cine), JCCA Accred (Anaesthe-

sia), Dip TESL, A/D Fine Arts, Cert 

Ed NSW, Clinical Forensic M O.

He says “1080 poison - it is like be-

ing electrocuted for 2 plus days”.

“Death from 1080 is cruel and pro-

tracted. Animals receiving a lethal 

dose of 1080 show severe signs of 

poisoning, with death resulting from 

heart or respiratory failure. Clinical 

signs of poisoning include rapid 

and laboured breathing, tremors 

and muscle spasms, terminal con-

vulsions and death. It usually takes 

possums between 6-18 hours to die.”

“From about four hours after poi-

soning until death all lethally dosed 

possums exhibited spasms involv-

ing the limbs or body. Possums 

vocalised during spasms, tremors 

or seizures. Vocalisation was loud 

and prolonged. (Squeaking, gasp-

ing and gagging noises were also 

frequently heard during retching 

and terminal breathing.) Seizures 

included stiffening of limbs with 

hunching of the shoulders; jerks in 

limbs, head, abdomen or shoulder; 

leg paddling; rolling onto the back 

with a stiffened body; continu-

ous body rolling; trembling; and 

rigidity of the entire body. Pos-

sums were sometimes propelled 

into the air by these movements...”

1080 is not a humane way 

to kill any animal. Death is 

painful, torturous and slow.” 

What kind of scientist could actu-

ally deliberately poison possums 

to see what 1080 poison did, then 

witness this and not want to put 

the poor creature out of its misery!

New Zealand First recently re-

confirmed its aim to end the 

use of 1080 poison to ap-

plause from key spokesmen.

Bill Benfield co-chairman 

CORANZ said it was wel-

come news but the use of the 

word “pest” 

perturbed him.

“1080 is merely the tool, they 

need to address DoC’s false pest 

picture,” he said. “However NZ 

First emerges as the only par-

ty to oppose 1080. It’s a start.”

Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust 

spokesman Laurie Collins said the 

announcement would be “sweet 

music” to the increasing number 

of New Zealanders who were see-

ing through the dangers of 1080.

“It’s election year and in Septem-

ber there’s now a viable voice in 

Parliament to vote for,” he said.

 New Zealand First Leader and MP 

for Northland, Winston Peters, in his 

press release said New Zealand First 

was the only credible Party com-

mitted to ending 1080 use and the 

only party with a plan to replace it.

“New Zealand First is fully com-

mitted to completely ending the 

use of 1080 in New Zealand as 

soon as is possible, and doing so 

without compromising our pest 

control requirements,” he said.

Nz First pledged to

1. Immediately provide adequate 

resourcing for, and initiate, trapping 

and other ground-based measures 

for pest control, in all areas where 

this is      known to be feasible.

2.     Immediately allocate ad-

equate resourcing, and initi-

ate proper and urgent re-

search, into alternatives to 1080.

3.     Before any further aerial ap-

plication of 1080 is permitted to be 

undertaken, resource and initiate 

comprehensive and accurate sur-

veys to ascertain both native and 

pest populations in areas currently 

regarded as “inaccessible”, in order 

to justify, or exclude, any possible 

recommencement or continuation 

of the aerial application of 1080, 

or its alternatives, in these areas.

4.    Ensure that all pest control 

activities are optimised around 

turning adversity into opportu-

nity, by maximising the economic 

potential of pest animals through 

the harvesting of fur and meat, 

and the provision of both regional 

employment, and export earnings.

“1080 has been spread all across this 

country for nearly 60 years, yet we 

still have the problems it is meant to 

have solved. Clearly it isn’t working, 

clearly it is causing serious harm to 

our native species, our people, our 

ecosystem, our environment, and 

our international reputation, and 

clearly something else has to be 

done. No other Party seems to be 

able to understand that. New Zea-

land First does,” said Winston Peters.

However Laurie Collins sounded a 

note of caution pointing to phrases 

such as  “soon as is possible, and 

doing so without compromising 

our pest control requirements.” He 

said 1080 should be closed down 

immediately as it was doing ir-

reparable harm to the ecosystem 

as well as needlessly wasting public 

money. The reference to “pest con-

trol requirements” gave some cred-

ibility to DOC and OSPRI’s rhetoric.

“DOC and OSPRI have 

based their policies and 

1080 drops on myths,” he said.

He pointed to NZ being bo-

vine TB free under the interna-

tional guideline of 0.2% whereas 

NZ had for at least a decade 

been well under that yardstick.

In addition contrary to DOC 

propaganda, possums as 

browsers were not harming 

the bush as birds and insects 

had browsed it for millions of years.

“Landcare Research told them that 

in 1994 at a Possum Pest work-

shop but Doc ignored it,” he said.


NZ First’s Opposition to 1080 Applauded

by John McNab

The Department of Conservation’s 

aerial drop of 1080 at Makarora at 

the head of Lake Wanaka to combat 

rats was illegal according to critics.

Carol Sawyer, a Wanaka based con-

servationist, said the justification for 

the drop was to reduce rat numbers 

to below 5 percent in rat tracking 

tunnels but monitoring showed rat 

numbers well below the standard.

However the rat tracking sur-

veys over the past two years ( 

January 2015 to December 2016 

) according to figures just re-

leased via an OIA request are 

that only 1.9% of 2,280 track-

ing tunnels had evidence of rats.”

Carol Sawyer said the fig-

ures had been obtained from 

the Otago Regional Council.

She said the conflict between 

the 5 percent figure and the re-

corded monitoring figures showed 

that the Department of Conser-

vation had a disdain for both 

the public and the ecosystem.

“1080 was developed as an in-

secticide in 1920s but became 

a pest poison. It still kills in-

sects and invertebrates and 

birds and animals. In a couple of 

words, it’s an ecosystem poison.”

The cavalier and careless attitude 

of DOC was appalling she said. 

DOC was meant to be a public 

servant serving the public interest.

“But they’re on their own agenda 

drumming up business for the gov-

ernment owned SOE poison facto-

ries and to heck with conservation 

values. To the contrary they’re de-

stroying not conserving,” she said.

Was DoC’s Makarora 1080 drop legal?

Guy a Disgrace to NZ 

I really hope we can get rid of Nathan 

Guy this election. The NZ fishery has 

no hope of recovering while a buf-

foon with no ears, to hear when told 

and no eyes so can’t read submis-

sions and no understanding of words 

like management or sustainability.

Nathan Guy seems to want a pat 

on the back each time he is forced 

to put down quota of a fishery. 


Guy has just put down cray quo-

ta to two areas CRA3 and CRA4.

What a total moron Guy must feel 

when he took no notice of submis-

sions and recreational pleas not to 

allow the undersize concession cray 

for commercial in CRA3. Everybody 

except his precious exporters said if 

you catch undersize cray by the ton 

you will deplete the CRA3 fishery. 

The fishery is depleted so he will put 

it down 23 ton. That is a pathetic re-

sponse. As if the Hawkes Bay fishers 

haven’t been punished enough by 

commercial fin fishers; and the ex-

port company over there; with 350 

fishing offences against it. The CRA3 

quota TAC should be cut by half and 

the concession cray be abolished now.

The CRA4 quota Guy has put down 

by 108 ton. What a total incompetent 

mismanage ecological disaster for a 

fishery to get so bad for so long that 

you have to take 108 ton of TAC from it.

At some point some politician with 

some guts and or even a little com-

mon sense has to start listening 

to the recreational cray gathers.

These holiday fishers and lo-

cals who have been saying to the 

MPI and anybody who will listen 

“there are hundreds of cray pots 

out there” or “I couldn’t find a reef 

without a cray pot while on holi-

day” or “I used four tanks of air and 

all the crays were just under size”

Mr Guy needs to get it plain and simple 

he may be celebrating the cray export 

industry but the NZ people are not.

Nathan Guy has been the worst fish-

eries manager NZ has ever had. The 

recreational fishers are on the brink 

of storming the Beehive with flam-

ing torches. The Maui Dolphin/Blue 

Nose/John Dory/Hapuka/Sea Lion/

Seal/Bird/Crayfish/Snapper BOP/

Trevally/Red Snapper/Pink Mao 


Trumpeter are all in serious trouble 

in stock levels and fish size itself.

Even though the funny little man that 

prefers girls pony tails to boys is no 

longer Prime Minister Nathan Guy still 

continues to aim for the unsustainable 

export double policy. The only good 

thing he will do is single-handedly 

put half or most of the inshore com-

mercial fishing fleet out of business.

Thanks to Mr Guy for waking up the 

biggest population of sleeping rec-

reational fishers by threatening to 

put the snapper day catch down to 

3 in SNA1, so he could give the com-

mercial fishers an extra 500 ton. The 

recreational fishers stand to take 

a large proportion of water space 

off the commercial fishers forever.

The recreational movement is now 

very organised and through so-

cial media is both nationwide and 

international. Even the National 

Party supporters surveyed were 

disgusted with Nathan Guys perfor-

mance when 63% said there should 

have been a royal commission of 

inquiry into MPI’s performance.

It turns out that Nathan Guy is the 

one who was supposed to ask for 

the commission of enquiry but 

he didn’t have the guts to, simply 

because he knew that his Minis-

try was so corrupt he would as 

its minister be forced to resign. 

If Guy really wants to know the 

truth he should ask Colmar Brun-

ton to do a survey to describe him 

and his performance. Then he will 

know what people really think 

about him and his performance.

Nathan Guy seems to be able 

to void himself of responsibil-

ity for what the primary industries 

do under his watch as Minister.

His fishermen have killed the Maui dol-

phin; forestry has filled up the beaches 

in the Marlborough Sounds with pine 

needles; dairy farmers have taken ex-

cess water from and heavily polluted 

our waterways in an all-out effort to 

double the export value and all part 

of his Primary Industries portfolio. 

It is my opinion the Mr Guy lacks 

any type of patriotism for NZ – he 

is a complete and utter disgrace 

to this country and democracy.

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A New York attorney representing a wealthy art collector called his client. 

“I have some good news, and I have some bad news.” 

The art collector replied, “I’ve had an awful day. Give me the good news first.” 

The lawyer said, “Well, I met with your wife today, and she informed me that she just invested $5,000 in two pictures that 

she thinks will bring a minimum of $15 million to $20 million, and I think she could be right.” 

Saul replied enthusiastically, “Well done! My wife is a brilliant businesswoman! You’ve just made my day.  

Now I know I can handle the bad news. What is it?” 

The lawyer replied, “The pictures are of you and your secretary.”