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Was taking a road trip around 

Auckland the other day and hap-

pened per chance to call in and 

see the folk at UFO Cookers in 

Wairau Road, on the North Shore.

They had the stainless steel bar-

beque out under the front verandah 

and the smell of barbequed pork 

greeted us. Wow what a surprise.

The barbeque is the inven-

tion of Wayne Dil and he has 

spent hours upon hours de-

signing this machine, fit for any 

Man Cave or batch at the beach.

What Wayne has done here is de-

sign a charcoal burner that transfers 

heat into an oven where the pork 

and chicken is grilled to perfection. 

He has located a UFO smoke gener-

ator on the side which you can light 

up to give that extra smoky flavour.

And the cream on the cake is the 

keg underneath where you can en-

tertain your friends while waiting 

for the succulent food to appear.

Kiwi ingenuity at its finest.

Grilled Pork roast or Pork Belly

4kg pork shoulder or pork belly

1 teas chopped garlic

½ cup low salt soy sauce

¼ cup lime juice

1 can ginger ale

½ cup brown sugar

1 cup Tomato Sauce

1 teas sea salt

1 teas freshly ground black pepper 


Mix the marinade ingredients 

together in a bowl: minced gar-

lic, soy sauce, lime juice (or lem-

on), tomato sauce, half of the 

ginger ale, salt, black pepper. 

Leave ½ cup of the marinade plus 

the sugar, aside for the grilling 

glaze. Pour the rest of the mari-

nade over the pork. Keep in a con-

tainer. Cover with plastic wrap and 

refrigerate the pork overnight.

Pre-heat the barbecue to a 

medium high heat (375 F de-

grees). Get ready with the grill-

ing glaze, add the sugar and re-

maining ginger ale into the mix. 

Place a grill rack over a shallow 

pan, which has the horizontal 

slots across it. Grease the entire 

grill rack. Place the pork on the 

grill rack. Position the shallow 

pan in the centre of the barbeque. 

Grill the barbecued pork, about 

30 minutes on each side. Baste 

the pork every ten minutes or so, 

so that it gets moist and shiny.

When cooked, serve hot on 

long platters and garnish 

with tomatoes, cucumbers 

and green salad vegetables.

Always add the sugar ingredient in 

the marinade or glaze just before 

grilling the meat. This way, the sug-

ar does not crystallize or stay too 

long on the pork cuts which causes 

the barbecued meat to harden.

Grease and prepare a shal-

low baking pan, measuring ap-

proximately 9 x 13 inches with a 

height of not more than 2 inches. 

Enjoy the whiff of the pork cook-

ing while supping on a cold pint.

Watch the succulent pork trans-

form into dark, glazed delights. 

Gather the family and friends, 

but save some for yourself.


Barbeque Grilled Chicken 


½ cup olive oil

1 teaspoon sea salt

½ teaspoon ground black pepper

½ teaspoon paprika

½ teaspoon cumin

¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

2 cloves garlic, chopped

3 tablespoons chopped onion 


½ cup chopped fresh parsley

1½ cups beer

This spice blend just works 

beautifully and is one that 

is great to have on hand.

Pour olive oil into a 2-cup 

liquid measuring cup.

Mix together salt, pepper, pa-

prika, cumin, and cayenne pep-

per and add to olive oil. Add 

garlic, onions, and parsley. Mix 

together well with a fork. Slowly 

add beer as it will cause the mix-

ture to foam and bubble slightly.

Once I’ve mixed up my spic-

es and beer, I just pour it over 

the chicken that has been 

placed in a large zip top bag.

Seal up the bag and turn from side 

to side to make sure all the chicken 

is well coated. Remove as much air 

as possible from the bag and seal.

Place it on a dish and put into 

the refrigerator for at least an 

hour, but hopefully overnight. 

Turn the bag every few hours. 

Anyone for a Bar-be-que?