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The normal 9 day October 

trout contest for the Wai-

kato river will take place this 

year from October 7th to 15th.

 Last year’s competition was 

a resounding success, espe-

cially as the high levels bought 

out the best in our anglers who 

adapted well to the conditions.

This year they want to add 

something different, a cou-

ple of smaller one day mini 

events to promote the fishery. 

These are planned again in the 

school holidays for family par-

ticipation, and they hope to show 

that the season for this river fish-

ery is longer than you might think. 

The first event is planned for 

Saturday April 29th, and if 

that works well, the next one 

will be Saturday July 15th. 

The organisers hope to get a snap-

shot of the trout season on the 

river, the April date is at the start 

(just before duck hunting sea-

son), and July can be a great time 

for large specimens to be caught.

The prize pool for each event will be 

about $800 of prizes, and the whole 

operation will be a stripped down 

version of our big event in October.

Fishing period: Dawn of 

29th to 7 pm same day. 

Fishing area: Same as normal comp 

- Waikato river only from below 

Karapiro dam to Waikato heads.

Weigh stations-  Sweetmans Reel 

Fishin’ in Huntly 10.30 to mid-day, 

Taupiri Tavern-  5 pm to 7 pm evening.

Categories - All in together, adults 

and juniors, no teams for this event.

Entry Fees - Anglers only pay if 

they present a fish to weigh on 

the day - $5 per fish for adults, 

$2 per fish for juniors under 17. 

(Licence number and name of 

angler is to be recorded for F&G)

Prizegiving - 8 pm onward at Taupi-

ri Tavern, BBQ provided earlier.

Prize packages - $500 split between 

the heaviest 10 trout presented, $150 

for a mystery weight trout (drawn 

at random on night), plus $150 in 

assorted spot prizes for juniors.

Lower Waikato Trout Contest 

Fine weather welcomed 114 entrants 

in the Lake Arapuni Trout fishing

contest held on the week-

end of 18th and 19th of March.

Although the fishing was consid-

ered hard 75 well-conditioned trout 

made it to the scales along with

15kg’s of rudd and a number 

of eels in the junior section.

Only 7 of the trout weighed in were 

wild fish (fish spawned in the lake

system) the rest either fin 

clipped or tagged hatch-

ery reared fish which are

released annually.

Results, Adult section: 

1st Mark Preston, Rainbow Jack F/C 

2.480kg; 2nd Brad Gillespie, Brown 

hen wild fish 2.456kgs; 3rd Les Con-

nor, Rainbow hen F/C 2.396kgs; 

4th Allan Treloar, Rainbow hen F/C 

2.332kgs; 5th Neil Longstaff, Rain-

bow jack F/C 2.304kgs; 6th Mark 

Hoyes, Rainbow 

hen F/C 2.294kgs.

Junior section: 1st 

Brayden Hoyes, 

Rainbow hen 

tagged 2.142kgs; 

2nd Quin Wilson, 

Rainbow hen F/C 

1.756kgs; 3rd 

Kahan Phillips, 

Rainbow hen 

F/C 1.592kgs; 

4th Max Wilson, 

Rainbow jack F/C 

1.414kgs; 5th Kyle 

Holmes, Rain-

bow hen tagged 

1.232kgs; 6th Lincoln Wright 

St Clair, Rainbow hen F/C.

Charlotte Davy, Heavi-

est rudd, .352kgs.

Max Wilson, Heaviest 

bag of 5 rudd, 1.354kgs.

Hunter Redman-, Heavi-

est other fish (eel) 1.138kgs

The Bill Sullivan Memorial cup 

for the heaviest overall fish was 

presented to Mark Preston.

Lake Arapuni Fishing comp

Winner of the junior section Brayden Hoyes

With a huge decline in salmon 

numbers anglers are blaming ir-

rigation companies because fish 

screens which are supposed to 

stop the salmon getting sucked in 

to irrigation canals - did not work.

There is no requirement 

from Environment Canter-

bury (ECan) to make it work, 

and no incentive for farmers.

On the Rangitata River where 

there is science studies and a con-

servation order, complaints have 

been raised but nothing done.

The Rangitata River has up to 30 

percent of the juvenile salmon 

drawn into irrigation canals where 

they are injured or died as they 

moved through fish screens.

The impact on fish 

stocks is very noticeable.

The council must ensure that 

these screens work and should 

stop putting farmers’ interests 

above those of recreational users.

There are 20,000 odd anglers in the 

Canterbury area and hundreds of 

visiting anglers which bring a lot 

of economic value to the region.

The screens also kill native fish, 

such as the critically endan-

gered Canterbury mud fish.

A 2014 report from ECan, Niwa 

and Fish and Game recommended 

ways in which Canterbury’s fish 

screens could be improved which 

have largely been ignored. It ap-

pears that Ecan has put this in the 

too hard basket because they 

simply don’t have the technol-

ogy and the infrastructure to actu-

ally support effective fish screens.

Irrigation companies killing salmon

This is a day not to be missed……

Coromandel Seafood Fest, is fast 

becoming the social highlight of 

the Peninsula, come along, find 

your spot, enjoy the sun, gather 

with friends, be entertained with 

fabulous music, and delicious food.

Entry is by gold coin donation on 

Saturday 6th May 2017, 10:00am 

to 4:00pm, at the Coromandel 

Area School, bottom field.

A celebration of all things 

Coromandel from the infa-

mous Greenshell mussels 

to Coromandel oysters, 

showcasing local fishing 

charters and associated 

businesses, the Coroman-

del Seafood Fest has 

something for everyone.

A huge centre marquee 

means revellers can enjoy 

the day no matter what 

the weather - Seafest has 

become known as a festi-

val that meets and greets 

the elements in style - no 

matter what is thrown at it. 

The festival is a taste, 

sight & sound extrava-

ganza for those who enjoy 

good food, good com-

pany and a good time. 

With an impressive variety 

of products will be offered, and pre-

sented by Derek The Chef, in many 

weird and wonderfully creative 

ways - enjoyed with continuous 

live entertainment throughout the 

day. Cook Off Other demonstra-

tions will include Oyster Shucking, 

Mussel Opening, Fish Filleting and 

an impressive array of food stalls.

Like them on their Facebook page: 

Coromandel Seafood Fest and 

keep up to date with the event.

Coromandel Seafood Fest