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Early Bird Bait & Tackle Report 

For all you people out there who 

have never been fishing in their 

lives, now is the time to take it up. 

In just this past week, three indi-

viduals have experienced ‘Full on’ 

fishing and have now invested in 

their own rods and reels etc. so 

they can carry on with this excit-

ing sport. Obviously fishing is not 

good every day but at the moment 

it could not really get any better. 

After the ten days of wind and tor-

rential rain, the Firth took about 

three days for the cloudy water to 

dissipate. It has come to light that a 

lot of fish go off the feed but having 

done this they are back in big num-

bers and big sizes. Reports from the 

Mussel Farms are fantastic with eve-

ryone: or at least nearly everyone is 

getting their limit in no time at all. 

One report from three individuals 

is 49 fish in 49 minutes. Having to 

put back 40cm snapper is a sacri-

lege. Fishing around the working 

Mussel Barge has been amazing 

with the water literally boil-

ing with fish on the surface. 

People I have spoke to haven’t 

seen anything like it before 

with bait being taken as it hits 

the surface of the water. Us-

ing the tiniest of ball or egg 

sinkers, they have been taking 

snapper of 16lb plus and going 

home after only half an hour. 

The winds are mainly easterlies 

at the moment and despite 

breezes of 12klm the Firth has 

been like a mill pond. With con-

cern to the state of the boat 

ramps after the terrible weath-

er we had, I can confirm that 

Waikawau Boat Ramp has been 

dredged again and is clear of 

all debris. After the downpours 

it was silted so much that only 

three inches of water was flow-

ing but now it’s back to normal. 

With all boats being able to get 

in and out with ease, you may still 

find floating logs out their in the 

Firth so do take it easy and have 

your buddies keep an eye open 

for any obstacles. While the snap-

per are in abundance, so to are the 

Kingfish. Someone is always getting 

broken off by these ‘Locos’ and there 

are some very big ones around 

to test your skill and your gear. 

When it comes to catching them 

it could be difficult if the are on 

their own. They become very wary 

to anything put in the water and 

will more than likely refuse what-

ever you offer them. This is differ-

ent when there are two or three of 

them because they will get excited 

and compete for the prize. This is 

the time you need to throw a pop-

per out or send down a high speed 

jig to further excite them. One thing 

I will say is pre-set your reel drag 

otherwise the sheer power of the 

fish will destroy your gear or sim-

ply break you off within an instant. 

All of the Firth is fishing well al-

though the Mussel farms on the 

Kaiaua side are still slow. Drifting 

out in the middle is very reward-

ing with plenty of work ups go-

ing on all around. Gurnard are still 

plentiful, but there aren’t many 

good size Kahawai around to put 

in your smoker. Up and down the 

coast reports are all good with the 

shore fisherman doing exceptional 

in some places. Te Kouma Wharf 

produced nineteen snapper in four 

hours and one young man; ‘Nathan’ 

(see photo) scored a 38.3lb King-

fish from Wilsons Bay the day after 

all that heavy rain fell. There are 

plenty of snapper right along the 

coast and with all of the baitfish 

available in the Firth they are go-

ing to be around a little bit longer 

yet. If you haven’t already noticed, 

baby squid which everyone loves 

to use as bait is longer available and 

hasn’t been for about eight months. 

I have now been informed that ar-

row squid which is the larger one is 

now in short supply and the price 

has gone up by the wholesalers. 

Because of this I will have to raise 

my price per kilo by $1.00. Despite 

some of the other baits going up in 

price I will keep mine as per norm. 

There is a bit of a ‘Bait war’ going on 

amongst the main suppliers but rest 

assured I will keep you in the pic-

ture. I have mentioned before about 

the ‘Xtra Flexx’ rods that I have in my 

shop produced by Fladen. These are 

made from Basalt Volcanic Rock and 

are certainly proving their name 

as Xtra Flexx. I have put on my Fa-

cebook page, two videos of this 

rod in action with a Kingfish and a 

Snapper which where both caught 

by Greg who has tested this rod out 

very well. Just go to (FB: Early Bird 

Bait & Tackle). For all you guys who 

drive past my shop when going up 

the coast, don’t be fooled by looks 

on the outside. It’s very much like 

the Tardis in Dr. Who, small on the 

outside, big on the inside. My busi-

ness is still for sale if anyone wants 

it, although I am quite happy for 

it not to sell as I love it so much. If 

you want to see my accountants 

books, come and talk with me and 

discuss a price? I have just invested 

in more rods and reels and a good 

supply of darts for the enthusiast. 

I am open from 5am every week-

day and 4am at weekends as most 

people know and am late opening 

on Fridays (9pm) for anyone com-

ing up the coast for the weekend. I 

intend to update my website soon 

but don’t have time at present. 

Bare with me, and everything will 

happen as it should do. Until next 

time, take care and ‘Tight Lines’.

Month Long Fishing com-

petition will be Fullon

The Tairua-Pauanui Sports Fishing 

Club is holding a month long fish-

ing competition sponsored by Ful-

lon Fishing of Hamilton commencing 

from 6:30 am Saturday 29th April and 

lines out by 4 pm Saturday 27th May. 

The entry fee is $30.00 per an-

gler and entry forms are avail-

able at the club rooms from 

5:00 pm on Friday 28th April, 

Entries after that date must reg-

ister at the club rooms in per-

son prior to commencing fishing. 

There will be prizes for top 5 Snap-

per, Kahawai and Trevally and an 

additional prize for closest to av-

erage weight for each species. 

During the course of the com-

petition you can weigh a maxi-

mum of three fish of each species 

but only the heaviest fish of each 

species counts towards a prize. 

This competition is open 

to club members only. 

All fish must be weighed 

within 24 hours of capture. 

Weigh masters will be available 

at the club between 4:30 pm and 

5:30 pm each day to weigh fish 

and all fish must be weighed at the 

Tairua Pauanui Sports Fishing Club.

The Fishing area is the TPSFC fish grid. 

The Final weigh in will be held be-

tween 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Sat-

urday 27th May, with the prize giving 

at the club rooms on from 7:00pm.

The Colken 451 is a superb sports 

fishing boat, designed for pur-

pose from the start by a profes-

sional, award winning NZ designer.

This solidly built aluminium boat is 

one of the best pontoon boats on 

the market today. Compare the in-

ternal volume with any other boat 

in its class, Senator, DNA, Stabicraft, 

Kiwicraft, Fyran, Commando, Profile, 

and Osprey and you will find that 

boat outpoints them all. 

The reserve buoyancy in 

the pontoons is a massive 

500% of displacement and 

yet it doesn’t encroach on 

the size of the interior at 

all. It also has a level floor 

and toe kicks to make fish-

ing comfortable and safe. 

The boat itself is very hard 

to distinguish as a pon-

toon boat, most people 

have to ask if it actually is. 

Gone are the ugly slab 

sides and hard ride of your typi-

cal alloy pontoon boats. These are 

serious boats for serious blokes. 

Models available are open tiller steer, 

centre console and cuddy cabin and 

all are fitted with a Parsun 40hp/60hp 

or a model of your preferred choice.

Prices are for complete cuddy 

cabin package, boat and al-

loy trailer and Parsun 60hp.

Contact us for other engine 

prices as they can supply what-

ever you want. Don’t be put off by 

the Parsun motors they now of-

fer a 3 Year Private Use Warranty.

One of the customers in the deep south 

fishes 26 km’s offshore in his 451 they 

are so safe and such capable sea boats. 

The complete package includes 

Colken 451 Pontoon (model of your 

choice), a specific design alloy trailer, 

Parsun 40hp or 60hp 2 Stroke out-

board motor, 6 rod holders, sand an-

chor kit, bilge pump capable of 950 

gph and swivel seats (skippers locks).

Colken Engineering also manufacture 

trailers including a 3500kg hydrau-

lic tipper trailer; fully enclosed box 

trailers up to 6m, and air bag trailers 

for low loading loads GVM 2500kg. 

They also carry out boat, trailer re-

pairs and other general engineering.

Phone Jon on: 021 0339882


Superb Sports Fishing Boat 

global food security, coastal water 

quality and ecosystem stability. This 

definitely applies to New Zealand.

“This isn’t predicted to happen, this 

is happening now,” said co-author 

Nicola Beaumont, an ecological 

economist with the Plymouth Ma-

rine Laboratory. “If biodiversity con-

tinues to decline, the marine envi-

ronment will not be able to sustain 

our way of life. Indeed, it may not 

be able to sustain our lives at all.” 

These words are as true today as they 

were a decade ago. So what has the 

MPI done in the last 10 years. Noth-

ing if crayfish and maui dolphins 

could talk. What the MPI has done is 

deny there are problems with their 

‘nothing to see here’ spin. The hec-

tor dolphins killed during Operation 

Achilles would strongly disagree.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan 

Guy has announced changes to com-

mercial fishing limits for rock lobster 

(crayfish) and southern blue whit-

ing in five areas as part of the annual 

fisheries sustainability review while 

completely ignoring cries from rec-

reational fishers than the cray fisher-

ies are severely depleted in CRA2. 

The changes are:

-Rock lobster fishery in the Gisborne re-

gion (called CRA3) will see a reduction 

in commercial catch limit of 23 tonnes. 

-In the Wellington and Hawkes 

Bay region (called CRA4) there 

will be a reduction in commer-

cial catch limit of 108 tonnes.

-The CRA7 (Otago) rock lobster 

fishery will see a rise in the com-

mercial catch limit by 15 tonnes. 

All recreational and custom-

ary allowances in these fish-

eries will remain the same.

“The changes in rock lobster limits 

comes after feedback from tangata 

whenua and other fishery interests, 

and final advice from the National Rock 

Lobster Management Group (NRLMG) 

on a range of options for these im-

portant shared fisheries,” says Mr Guy. 

“For CRA3, the latest scientific re-

search shows that biomass has de-

creased but remains above the agreed 

sustainability level. To ensure this 

remains the case a reduction in com-

mercial catch will ensure that the 

fishery remains sustainable in the 

long term for the benefit of all fishers.

“In CRA4 a recent scientific study iden-

tified that the fishery was below the 

agreed target level and so proposals 

were consulted on to reduce com-

mercial catch to an appropriate level.

“For CRA7 the latest information 

indicated no sustainability con-

cerns and so I’m confident an in-

crease in commercial catch of 15 

tonnes can easily be sustained.

“These decisions are based on the 

best possible scientific informa-

tion and show the effectiveness of 

the Quota Management System 

(QMS). It is flexible and respon-

sive to change, and where a stock 

such as CRA4 is below expected 

levels then MPI acts to protect it.

“Regular monitoring and amendments 

to catch limits are key parts of our fish-

eries management system. They are 

informed by science and ensure we 

have a flexible and responsive system.”

For southern blue whiting around 

New Zealand (SBW 1) the commer-

cial catch limit will be increased by 

90 tonnes and for SBW 6B – known as 

the Bounty Platform – the commer-

cial catch limit will be reduced by 563 

tonnes (from 2940 to 2377 tonnes).

As these are both deepwater fish-

eries there are no allowances for 

customary or recreational fishing.

“SBW1 has had a nominal catch limit in 

place since it was introduced into the 

QMS in 1999. This increase announced 

today is based on current scientific in-

formation which better reflects avail-

able abundance. For SBW 6B, a key 

area of southern blue whiting catch, 

this change is in response to natural 

variations in the stock and will en-

sure the fishery remains sustainable.”  

Adjustments to commercial fishing limits