Sometimes it’s the help we get from 

others that makes all the difference.

Chuck Matene said that from an 

early age his children took an in-

terest in fishing. Initially he only 

had a 10 foot dinghy which was 

adequate for his two eldest then 

as the others came along  it was 

always a task to choose which ones 

were going fishing as by then the 

family purchased a 14 foot boat, 

which was still only suitable for four.

“I would like to take my fam-

ily fishing together at one time” 

says Chuck. However with his 

current health issues, that de-

sire was way off the chart.

Alex van Tuyl the Race for Life 

Trust wish co-ordinator (that ful-

fils the wishes of Palliative Care 

Patients, those who are dying) 

took the Matene family to Coro-

mandel to fulfil chucks wishes.

Damion (Chuck) Matene, lives in 

Pukekohe and has just turned 50. 

He has just had a recent diagnosis 

of cancer in his chest wall which 

unfortunately has already spread 

and he doesn’t have much time left.

Chuck is a very quiet man with a 

beautiful loving wife and together 

they have bought up a loving fam-

ily, that have a passion for fishing.

His one wish was to spend some 

time making memories with his 

children.  He has five children rang-

ing from 6 to 16. Damion 16, Kyle 

15, Toko 11, Victoria 9 and Tamati 6.

He contacted Race4Life and re-

quested that he would like to 

do a scenic Railway ride and go 

fishing with his children one 

last time as a complete family.

So the good people of Co-

romandel stepped up and 

made these dreams come true.

Race4Life and Fullers organised 

a return ferry ride for the fam-

ily to Coromandel Township.

There’s one thing can count on 

with fishing and that is when you 

need someone to step up Coro-

mandel Fishing Charters is at the 

head of the queue. When Tom 

and Lorraine heard of Chuck’s 

plight they were first to volunteer.

With the able assistance of Jor-

dan the skipper of the ‘Joint Ven-

ture’ they were able to turn on a 

trip the family will never forget.

They were able to sit down to a 

beautiful breakfast on board and 

then they went hard out catching 

some nice snapper. It was pretty 

easy to see the kids shared a pas-

sion together as they helped each 

other out, catching good sized fish 

and easily filling the chilly bins.

Coromandel Fishing Charters spe-

cialize in ‘four hour’ charters through 

the summer months as they have 

found that after that the fishers want 

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Race for Life comes to the Coromandel

A family fishing together and catching some great snapper

Jordan helping to take fish off the hook

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